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Domestic violence is a leading cause of homelessness for women and children. More than 80 percent of homeless women with children have experienced domestic violence, and a 2012 study found that domestic-violence victims were the largest subgroup of homeless people in Washington state.

A 28-year-old man arrested in the death of his girlfriend's infant daughter in Fountain, Colorado, is a Fort Carson infantry scout who has deployed at least once to Afghanistan.

About Relationships: A Quick Guide to Marital Abandonment and No-Fault Divorce Laws
The legal definition of abandonment is, “The act by which a person abandons and forsakes, without justification, a condition of public, social, or family life, renouncing its responsibilities and evading its duties.”

USA Today: Flood of PTSD cases coming, scientists warn
The Pentagon and VA are not ready for a potential flood of war-related post-traumatic stress disorder among troops and veterans, particularly from the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts, a panel of leading scientists report in a study released in June.

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The military system tries but sometimes fails to balance the demands of fighting a war with those of eradicating domestic violence.

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An examination of cases of fatal domestic violence and child abuse indicate wartime pressures have complicated the Pentagon's efforts to change the current system.

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How the US military is failing partners with secondary trauma.
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