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The National Military Spouse Advocacy Organization Mission Statement:

The military family is the foundation for members serving in harm’s way, worldwide.

Yet thousands of cases of abandonment and abuse of military servicemember’s own families have been mishandled or ignored entirely by the U.S. Military for many years, literally leaving battered spouses and homeless children overseas or off military bases while a few military servicemembers exploit poorly written laws to cut off all support for their own families.

It’s time for change.

As a non-profit advocacy organization, National Military Spouse Advocacy Organization’s (NMSAO) mission is to help restore and protect the rights and benefits that are often denied to Military Spouses and their families after abandonment or abuse from a military servicemember.

Spouses and children who have been abandoned and/or who have been financially, psychologically, or physically abused by a military member often fall through very large gaps in federal law known as the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) that was intended to protect soldiers, marine, sailors and airmen from civil judgements and litigation while serving overseas. Unfortunately, these same laws enable abusive members to cut off housing, food and basic living support—leaving spouses with no recourse to obtain the same benefits required by most U.S. civil courts.

In many cases, Federal and State judicial systems are not aware of these issues and may reject claims from abandoned spouses.

Unfortunately, Commanders and Judge Advocate General (JAG) officers frequently allow members to delay, reduce or cut off time-critical financial support without warning, especially while servicemembers are deployed overseas or on volunteer temporary duty assignments.

We seek to make Members of Congress and Senate, the Pentagon, Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Supreme Court aware of the need for federal pre-emptive laws that preserve and protect Military Spouses and families. We do this by providing continuous advocacy and advisory services to military spouses and their families.

NMSAO seeks empowerment, justice, and preservation of the military family—the cornerstone of our warfighting forces.

The National Military Spouse Advocacy Organization Vision Statement:

NMSAO seeks to implement federal laws and federal pre-emptive laws for continued justice and protection for all Military Spouses and families. We will help ensure that Military Commanders, JAG’s, State and Federal courts and Congress and Senate understand the rights, protections, and benefits afforded to military families under federal law.

NMSAO is a tax-exempt 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization

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Summary of Proposed Legislation:
The Uniformed Services Military
Spouse and Family Protection Act

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Wow! Well, we can tell you without hesitation that this is not true data at all because many cases go unreported due to the collusion between Commanders, Family Advocacy Programs and Inspector Generals! The messily data collected by the military entities does not even get reported to the State Government while the Pentagon shows a decline in every possible area of Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, and Military Divorce. Where is the Justice?

Pentagon releases sexual assault data for all its installations for the first time

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“As a military spouse, I had nowhere to turn when my husband was brutally attacked by his Commander, on base. After contacting the NMSAO, I found support with their members giving me helpful information to assist my husband during this difficult time. Because of the support and information we received, we were able to get my husband the help that he needed to fight this assault within the military. We were horrified when his assault was swept under the carpet at first. He was the victim and attacked while his back was turned with several witnesses coming forward. I am thankful to the NMSAO for your support in helping me, my husband, and our family.”

Respectfully, A.M

Do you know that Military Spouses and Children serve our nation as much as the Servicemember?


Do you know how many times the Military Spouses suffer and sacrifice through each relocation and deployment while serving the military, family, community,
faith based organizations, schools, at each new duty station?

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Do you know how many service members suffer from Mental Illness caused by relocations, deployments to War Zones resulting in Domestic Violence? Do you know that Mental Health Evaluations are optional and not mandatory for service members returning from war zones?


Can you guess how I am going to grow up healthy after what I witness?


Do you know how many times I have
been crippled
and silenced
abuse and abandonment?

Domestic Violence

Do you really know how many Military
Spouses and
are actually ABANDONED every day?

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How Multiple Military Failures Set The Texas Church Shooter On A Path To Violence

This is finally exposed! So you can only imagine the number of unreported and unrecorded Domestic Abuse cases towards the Military Spouses and Children!

“The lack of attention paid to domestic violence reporting is alarming. An estimated 1 in 3 American civilian women (33 percent) endure intimate partner violence during their lifetime, according to data from the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. VA statistics indicate similarly that 36% of female active-duty service members experienced domestic violence, a number that’s likely low due to underreporting in the ranks; for female veterans, it’s as high as 70%, per the VA.”

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